Top 7 Tips to Help You Succeed With Any Work at Home Online Business Opportunity

I have been working from my home computer for over 4 years now.

I am a stay at home mom, with two young children. It is rough sometimes to find the ‘spare time’ to work, but when you know what to do, instead of getting your head filled with empty promises, it is pretty easy to make a substantial income online!

I have to tell you, these past few months have been the most lucrative I have EVER seen! I have spent thousand of dollars, and have wasted so much time away from my family, trying to make money from home.

Now that I have succeeded, I want to help others by giving you the benefit of my mistakes, hopefully saving someone from making the same ones I have. Hopefully, they will help you in your quest to make money online! Here are my tips (secrets):

#1: To truly succeed online, you MUST be goal-oriented! You have to have a goal set in your mind. My advice to you would be that you make your first goal easy to reach, then as you get more experienced, you can set your goals higher and higher. I believe that giving yourself an easy-to-reach goal at first is very important. It is very easy to let negative thoughts set in, and by getting to your first goal, you are giving yourself a sense of accomplishment. Believe me, this is the greatest feeling in the world! Once you have that sense, it makes your job so much easier!

#2: You NEED a business plan. It is a proven fact that 90% of online businesses fail because they don’t have a plan. Your plan should include the steps you are willing to take, the time and money you are willing to spend on your business, and a back-up plan in case something should happen to your business. I did not have a plan when I first started, a few years ago. I finally developed a plan, and am happy (ecstatic, actually!) to tell you that I am succeeding!!!!!

#3: You need an opt-in newsletter. Why? This gives your customer the option to start and stop receiving the newsletter whenever they wish. This puts THEM in control. It also means that when you send them offers, you are NOT spamming! And you will have your own, FREE targeted traffic. People pay a LOT of money for pre-built opt-in lists, and those aren’t worth a penny! Besides, it is so easy to do it yourself!

#4: It is a PROVEN fact that most purchases come from seeing the advertisement 3-7 times. There are tons of free and low-cost auto-responders on the web, just do a search! An auto-responder will AUTOMATICALLY send out your pre-written emails to your opt-in list! You can set these responders to send a mail a day, or every other day, whatever you choose.

#5: Give something for FREE. I, myself, am guilty of signing up for ‘freebies’. Whether you give a free report, tutorial, or e-book. Even a free service.

#6: Do your homework BEFORE you buy and/or invest in anything! If you are interested in a particular program, ask around. Do a search for forums or web pages, anything that has different opinions of that particular program. This could end up saving you a LOT of money!

#7: Customer Satisfaction: The MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF THEM ALL! And, the easiest to do! Treat each and every customer as your friend. After all, they are your friends, they are keeping you in business! Talk TO them, not AT them. Treat them as you would want to be treated yourself as a customer yourself. This will greatly increase your profits, bringing return customers AND word-of mouth customers!