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Home Based Business – Why Starting Part-Time is the Smart Way to Success

With the development of various technologies and with low start up costs it has become much easier today for Entrepreneurs to start a Home Based Business. It is estimated that in USA alone there are over 40 million Home Based Businesses. Home Based Businesses represent 63% of all Small Businesses. Furthermore over 75% of these businesses are operated on a part-time basis.

Some of the reasons generally attributed for starting a Home Based Business are; the fulfillment of a dream, the necessity for an additional income or to have a back up income in the event of losing the present secure job. A reason that is more universal is that most people love to own and run a Home Based Business and would like to experience the thrill and excitement of operating a business from home either full- time or part-time. The majority of those who come under the last category are often under the misconception that it needs very little effort to operate a business from home.

If you have an idea of starting a Home Based Business it is advisable that you should start by running it on a part-time basis while continuing to work on your full-time job. There are several very compelling reasons for adopting this part-time business strategy. I shall enumerate the most important ones below.

1. In spite of your enthusiasm and determination to succeed in your Home Based Business, your attempt could end up in failure for various reasons. In such an event you could always fall back on your full-time job. Talking about failure can be disconcerting to some but you have to be prepared for any eventuality.

2. By starting as a part-time business, your investment both in finance and time will naturally be small thus minimizing the risk involved.

3. While in the process of establishing your Home Based Business, you still have to settle your monthly bills. It is the full-time job that can help you tide over this situation especially during the early months of your part-time business. If you start making profits early in your business then build up a reserve fund to start your full-time home based business.

4. The very thought of your having a regular full-time job with a steady income will give you the confidence to take a reasonable amount of risk in your part-time home based business. This will not be possible otherwise.

5. The presence of a full-time job means that you will not be under excess pressure to perform in your pat-time business for your survival. You can learn business skills, acquire business knowledge and grow gradually at your own pace.

6. By holding on to your full-time job you can continue to enjoy the benefits of health insurance, leave and other benefits till you establish yourself in your part-time business.

7. In the event of sustaining loses in your business during the first year or two; these could be written off when submitting your tax returns.

8. It is much easier to obtain bank loans, credit card facilities and other financial benefits for your business while you are in employment. Why not take advantage of this and grow your home based business while you are in employment.

9. If your intention is to become a home based business entrepreneur one day, then make use of your full-time job and lay the foundation for your home based business by making the necessary contacts with people who could be useful to your future business and could also end up as customers. You should of course ensure that your actions do not come in conflict with the Management policies of your employer.

10. Quitting your full-time job one day and starting a full-time home based business the following day could end up in chaos and disaster unless you have very strong support from experienced entrepreneurs. On the other hand if done gradually transition from full time job to full time home based business becomes much easier.

Having said the above, it has to be mentioned that there are ofcource certain disadvantages in the method indicated.

Doing a full-time job and running a part-time home based business can be strenuous and you can experience burnout and consequently neglect either you business, job or even both.

Excessive indulgence in your part-time business can eventually lead to under performing in your full-time job, thereby creating problems with your Boss or Employer.

You will have to sacrifice much of your precious family time for the sake of your home based business.

Success in your home based business or for that matter in any business does not come easily. It requires hard work, sacrifice, dedication and determination. Above all you have to be passionate about what you are doing.

Many great businesses have grown from small beginnings including the Giant Start sowing the seeds of your home based business while you are in employment, watch it germinate, look after it with tender care, be passionate about it and watch it bearing the fruits of your labor. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and when the time is ripe, quit your full time job. That’s it, keep growing and establish yourself as a successful home based business entrepreneur. This then is the Smart way to Success.

How to Start an Internet Business ? Are You Prepared ?

Are you frustrated starting your highly profitable internet business ?

Are you confused as to which internet guru should you believe ?

Doing business online is similar to an offline business. You give some few years of research work in a particular niche, get the right market, right product and then you fit into a HIGHLY profitable cyber space that makes you money on autopilot for your entire life.

There are…

1. NO Shortcuts.

2. NO overnight internet millionaire schemes.

3. NO push a button get rich machine.

4. NO instant internet riches.

The simple truth is ‘YOU get what you pay for in the form of time and money’.

Here are some myths I believe that leads YOU on a wrong track while starting your own internet business…

MYTH 1 – YOU can make money while you sleep or move around with your girl friend.

Yes it is true that it is possible to make autopilot money online, but that’s not possible from Day 1.

You have to put in a whole lot of efforts initially to enjoy this kind of lifestyle.

Making autopilot money while you’re sleeping simply means that you are up and ready with a killer money making website swamped with 1000s of visitors crawling all over your site.

And to reach this stage it takes real efforts for some few months in the beginning.

MYTH 2 – You don’t have to deal with people.

The fact is that you will make money only when a human on the other side will pay you money.

In short, robots and wires aren’t going to pay you any money.

It is humans on the other side of the globe who will deal with you and grab your products. So be prepared to deal with real live humans.

MYTH 3 – You can fire YOUR boss and quit your dead-broke job instantly.

Don’t do it. Make sure you continue your job till your internet business pays you at least three times more than your present salary on a consistent basis. You’ve got your bills to be paid.

MYTH 4 – You can spend as much time as you want with friends and family.

It is a tough job to promote your business and make it real successful.

Even though your business is completely automated make sure you spend your free time building your business rather than wasting your time chit chatting with friends and family.

Doing business online isn’t a hobby that you can fit it in the spare time while enjoying with your friends and family.

MYTH 5 – Build it and they will come.

That’s the thing of the past. It is just not possible for your site to be up on Day 1 and swamped with hoards of traffic on Day 2.

Don’t believe me. Try it once and you will see. You’ve to put in some serious efforts for few months initially to jump-start your internet business from ground 0 to the top floor. Be prepared for it.

It is true that internet has the horse power to make millionaires, and YOU can be one among them if you stick to it.

You just need to have…

1. A computer.

2. Internet Connection.

3. Right information and know-how and

4. Creative investment of time and money…

to succeed online, BIG time. I wish you all the very BEST.

How to Start an Online Dating Service Business

Making new friends and finding the person of your dreams is not as easy as it used to be. With the busy daily life of singles in the US, there is no available time for socialization outside of work.

Why is online dating service considered a profitable business? Here are some of the facts:

* Almost .5% of the US population is either single or divorced. The largest online dating websites have over 700,000 personal advertisements and profiles all enthusiastically searching for a partner. There have been thousands of marriages resulting from internet introduction.

* Internet-based dating services receive millions of dollars in revenue every year. There is guaranteed money in this business.

* Basic emotional needs are the easiest to sell. These needs include dating, love and romance. You will be paid by marketing romance to the increasing number of single web surfers.

If you are thinking on starting up your own online dating service business, here are four important factors to consider:

1) Online dating business plan: Organizing a plan would allow you to operate the business and ensure your company’s growth. A business plan is crucial for organizing and seeking potential clients. A business with development potential is always a safer investment than a business that settles for breaking even.

A plan would provide you with a clear view of your business’ future. It summarizes the company’s goals and provides your future staff to have information that is vital to the daily function of your company.

2) Website management method. You should plan for a presentable and quality web design or hire the best web designer in the industry. Determine which web hosting service is the best and enroll in it. For your website to attract thousands of visitors, you would need web hosting that could accommodate all the traffic and database of your members. You could also consider being your own web host that would enable you to manage your own server.

3) Marketing and advertising. The online dating service would require a large amount of advertising money to be able to set your company apart from the thousands of other dating services in existence.

4) Financial plan. Organizing your financial plan would help you establish the budget necessary to cover your daily operating costs. This plan would also help your company to develop long-term financial goals.

If you have successfully achieved all of your plans necessary for the company to run, you could now start your own online dating service business and give the singles a chance to meet their dream partner.